September 2018 Osoyoos, British Columbia

Osoyoos, British Columbia

We went to southern Okanagan to do some photography. Osoyoos is the southern town in the Okanagan valley and is about 2KM from the US border. This town lies in the Cascade Mountains and is known as Osoyoos Arid Biotic Zone. The climate in Osoyoos is desert like conditions. During the summer months the average temperature is 30 degrees Celsius and dry with little precipitation.

October 2018 Vancouver, British Columbia

Vancouver, British Columbia

It was a beautiful Autumn day in Vancouver. The vibrancy of the colourful leaves on the tree. The deciduous trees are turning red, orange, and yellow every year in Autumn. It's such a beautiful sight to see as if the trees are glowing. Soon the leaves will fall and the tree will become bare once again. Winter is just around the corner. Do you have your winter tires on your vehicle yet?

November 2018 Vancouver, British Columbia

Frost is usually the first sign of winter which is just around the corner. I was able to capture an image of frost crytallization on the window. Unfortunately I only had my smartphone with me and didn't have my "real" camera on hand. Winter is only couple weeks away *sigh*

April 2019 Vancouver, British Columbia

Magnolia blossom in Vancouver

What season do you like the most? Out of four seasons in Vancouver, I enjoyed Spring the most. Spring is the beautiful time of the year with birth, regrowth, renewal, and rejuvenate. The weather tends to be warm and sunny in Spring. Early in the mornings you can hear birds chirping along with crisp fresh air. The day also tends to get longer with increasing daylight towards summer. In Vancouver, there is the annual Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival.

Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival

May 2019 Vancouver, British Columbia

Instagram name tag for BeanstalkBox Photography

Beanstalk Box Ltd. (dba BeanstalkBox Photography) is now on Instagram (IG). I know it's a late start for us to be on #IG but it's better to be late than not using IG to showcase our work for the public. What I don't like about IG is that digital images must be uploaded by mobile devices via Instagram app. It cannot be uploaded to IG using a PC (Windows computer) because that's is what I'm using. However, I did search in the internet and found there's a way to upload digital image from the computer. There is an article from CNET and shows step by step to upload image from Safari browser and Google Chrome browser.

Post to Instagram from your computer with this simple trick

July 2019 Richmond, British Columbia

Jet plane about to land at YVR Vancouver International Airport

This commercial airliner is approaching YVR Vancouver International Airport during the beautiful sunset in Richmond British Columbia. According to statistics from Vancouver International Airport in 2018 there were 25.9 million passengers that includes travellers arriving, departing, and connecting. There are currently 56 airlines at YVR and the second busiest airport in Canada

September 2019 Mount St. Helens, Washington

Clouds hover over Mount St Helens

I had an opportunity to visit a famous volcano, Mount St. Helens, in the Pacific Northwest recently. Mount St. Helens is located in Washington, USA. Prior to eruption in 1980 the volcano was bulging outwards on the mountain's north side because the top was sealed. With all the pressure building up the face eventually erupted on Sunday, May 18, 1980. The image shown above is what the area looks like now in 2019. A new landform has developed with new growth in the's has been 39 years since the last eruption.

Mount St. Helens before and after pictures from 1980

October 2019 Richmond, British Columbia

pumpkins on haystack

It's Autumn and pumpkin season! Colourful, bright, and vivid red, yellow, and orange during Autumn months. It's also pumpkin season and there are many local pumpkin patches in town. If you don't want to get dirty you can also pick up a pumpkin from your local supermarket. Buy a pumpkin for Halloween and carve a funny or scary face. What kind of face do you want to carve out from your pumpkin?